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HeartKids Bracelet

HeartKids Bracelet



We encourage individuals to purchase a special $5 heart beads bracelet to help support families impacted by CHD.

The bracelets symbolise the beads that many of our heart kids receive during hospital stays, with each distinctive bead representing a specific challenge, procedure, or treatment that children with CHD have endured.

You can purchase individual bracelets for yourselves or order a box of bracelets to sell on our behalf. For the box, all you need is to pay postage and we provide a box of 50 bracelets and a return envelope so you can send back any that are not sold.

Please read the terms and conditions before ordering the box of bracelets to sell on our behalf. We will take the Terms & Conditions below as read if you have placed an order.

Terms and conditions for ordering the box of bracelets to sell on our behalf:

  • The only upfront cost of ordering a box/es of bracelets to sell is the postage cost ($12.50). 
  • All funds collected from the sale of bracelets must be transferred directly to HeartKids by Wednesday 31st March.
  • This can be done by direct bank transfer or simply call 1800 432 785 and we can take payment over the phone. HeartKids Bank account details are available in the Sweetheart Day Fundraising Guide found on the website.
  • All bracelets not sold as part of your fundraising must be returned to your HeartKids State office in the postage-paid envelope provided with the box by Wednesday 31st March.