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Logan's Story

9-year-old, Logan’s journey with congenital heart disease started when he was a month old. Logan’s mum, Jayde, was told the heartbreaking news that her baby had a heart condition called tetralogy of Fallot which means he was born with four heart defects.

One of the defects was that he had a large hole between his ventricles so oxygenated blood mixed with non-oxygenated blood. This caused Logan to turn blue when he cried due to lack of oxygen. Logan’s diagnosis has been life changing news and it has been a long journey since that day.

“HeartKids has been with us since day one when we also discovered that Logan had a genetic disorder which caused his heart disease, development delays and he was born with extra bones in his hands,” says mum Jayde.

Logan had his first heart surgery when he was just six months old, and Jayde will never forget the support that HeartKids gave while her son was in hospital for two weeks. He has had five surgeries so far including two to have his extra bones removed.

“They were a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to, and the comfort to me when there was the unknown. I volunteer for HeartKids when I can to help raise awareness, gather donations and to try and give back to them what they gave to me during some of the darkest days in hospital,” says mum Jayde.

Logan is still facing further surgeries, but Jayde is so proud of how far he has come and how resilient and strong he truly is. HeartKids were strangers that became family, and they provide Logan and his family support to this day.

“We live life to the fullest, especially to honour all the heart kid angels that now watch down over us,” reflects mum Jayde.

30 January 2023
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