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Freya's Story

15-year-old Freya from Hobart was diagnosed with a form of congenital heart disease called Absent Pulmonary Valve Syndrome before she was born. This rare defect is when the pulmonary valve is either missing or poorly formed.

Freya had her first surgery at 6 months old and spent the first 9 months of her life in hospital. She also had to have a tracheostomy in for 2 years. A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure to cut an opening into the windpipe so that a tube can be inserted into the opening to assist breathing.

Her second surgery was recent at 14 years old and both surgeries were done at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Freya’s mum, Kathryn, had to have two years off work when Freya was born but her workplace was amazing with their support during this time.

HeartKids has been an amazing support to Freya and her mum especially as they are away from family and friends travelling interstate.

“It is so important to have that support before, during and after surgery especially coming from Hobart and travelling to Melbourne,” says mum Kathryn.

Heart teen Freya is organised, neat, tidy and loves her dog, Teddy. She loves makeup, clothes, and shopping. During the times Freya is hospitalised or away in Melbourne she misses her grandparents and her animals.

30 January 2023
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