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Maddison's Story

Maddison’s story is familiar to many parents and families across Australia. Maddison’s parents, Tamica and Dale, had a straightforward pregnancy until they were told their daughter had a hole in her heart.

Maddison was born in October 2019 with a large ventricular septal defect and her parents were reassured again that it should all be fine unless they heard a murmur on day three. Maddison’s murmur was heard at just a day old.

In November, at four weeks old, Maddison caught gastro and her health began to quickly decline. She was admitted to Perth Children’s Hospital for a week, and she required tube feeding.

Fast forward just one week, and her parents were informed that surgery would occur prior to Christmas.

At just eight weeks old Maddi needed lifesaving heart surgery.

On 3rd December 2019, Maddi had a 5-hour open heart surgery to close the 1cm hole in her heart. “Her surgeon, Dr Andrews, was surprised that she had lasted 8 weeks based on the size of the hole,” says mum Tamica.

Maddi was discharged 8 days later, and the family were excited to have their baby daughter home for Christmas.

Now three years old, Maddi’s heart is now considered stable, with just a small residual hole remaining that is being monitored. HeartKids have been there for Maddi, Tamica and Dale throughout her life. and her family throughout these challenging times.

24 January 2023
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