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Darcy’s story:
As many of you know just before 6 weeks it was suspected that Darcy had a heart murmur. Then at 9 weeks he became extremely unwell with RSV bronchiolitis. He became critical and was flown to WCH Adelaide by the NETS team. At this time it was found that Darcy had a congenital heart disease (Aortic Valve Stenosis), this would require frequent check ups by a paediatric cardiologist and we were told he would likely need surgery within his first 12 months of life. This was all new to us and we had no idea what to expect but the HeartKids team were amazing and made us feel a lot more at ease with what was ahead! We began with 3 monthly trips to Adelaide for check ups, we passed his first birthday with no surgery required and things only getting minimally worse. Appointments pushed out to 6 monthly. At the beginning of 2020 his appointment wasn’t able to be attended due to covid and border closures. We attended a couple of months late and thankfully everything was still tracking ok but like most appointments they discussed the potential of surgery with us and what would be involved. At this stage Darcy is at 9monthly appointments and tracking okay!
We thank everyone who donates towards HeartKids as what they do for their heart families is amazing ❤️

My Updates

25 Feb 2021

Afternoon walk to pick Nate up from school! We have now cracked our 40kms 👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks again to everyone who has donated! X

24 Feb 2021

And the second walk this afternoon! 😁 we have almost reached our goal of 40kms! 👏🏼

24 Feb 2021

Today consisted of 2 walks. This being the first around the zinc lakes with the kids to look at the fish & yabbies! ❤️

21 Feb 2021

Fridays walk that I forgot to upload! Oops! We have now completed 32.12km 😁

18 Feb 2021

Nice walk this morning to take Nate to Preschool ❤️ The very first walk that Darcy hasn’t been on as he went for an overnight trip to the property with his grandparents 💙

15 Feb 2021

A good way to start our week! We have now completed 27.1kms 😁

14 Feb 2021

Big walk today on Sweetheart day 🥰over the half way mark now 👏🏼👏🏼

13 Feb 2021

Today’s walk! We have now completed 17.85km! Every walk that we have done Darcy has come along either on his balance bike, walking or in the pram 💙

11 Feb 2021

Just a short walk today with 2 kids on their balance bikes.. one that wanted to scoot ahead and the other that didn’t want to ride any further haha! But Darcy put in his all and made it the whole way 💙

10 Feb 2021

Today is our littlest mans 1st Birthday! So no walking has happened today as we’ve been spending the day as a family! We will be back into it early tomorrow before it gets too hot :)

09 Feb 2021

Early morning walk with the boys this morning 💙

08 Feb 2021

We have had a bit going on the past couple of days so haven’t walked but today we were back into it! 💙

03 Feb 2021

Today I had Darcy & Jake in the pram and Nate rode his bike (safe to say he was exhausted when we got home). We completed 1.98km..
However mark busted out 3.81km!

03 Feb 2021

Yesterday’s walk! I forgot to upload!

01 Feb 2021

We started the month off with just a short walk.. Darcy was adamant he could ride his balance bike the distance so we kept it short for him! How made it most of the way but conned me for a piggy back ride to get the last 200m ❤️

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